Saturday, 29 September 2012

Daily photo challenge - Week 39 is complete

My first week back at work after eye surgery
went much better than I expected.
I thought my eyes would struggle
with looking at a computer screen all day long.
But thankfully I also had lots of good ol' fashioned paper work
to do so it wasn't too rough.

I was worried about what to take photos of this week.
After two weeks off, and having all day to think about my photo,
I was a tad worried about getting back into the routine of 
getting up, going to work, picking up Sarah, 
coming home, cooking dinner, going to bed etc five days in a row.
Where on earth was I going to find an opportunity to take a photo?
And of something I haven't already photographed before.

Well.......... thankfully I still managed to snap a pic a day.
So here is another week done and dusted.

29.9.12 - Saturday morning
- Reading in bed is a daily must for Sarah

28.9.12 - Friday night @ The Dominion 

27.9.12 - Bath time at Nana's

26.9.12 - Waiting

25.9.12 - Mail collector
- the daily chores

24.9.12 - Hi-ho Hi-ho
It's back to work I go.

23.9.12 - Sunday morning gardening with mum

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  1. Sounds like you have had a busy week Miss Mel, I really like the train shot, and the Friday night shot. Well done for making it through another week!