Sunday, 2 September 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 35 is complete

I learnt a lesson this week....

It's not a good idea to take a week's worth of pics 
and not review them on the day.
This week I waited until it was time to post them......
and to be honest, I'd happily drop one or two of them if I could.

Alas...... this week is what it is.
Oh well.
At least there's a couple of pics to be proud of in this week's selection.

1.9.12 -  Little hands
- our grandson Mika

31.8.12 -Friday evening in the city

30.8.12 - Between the tea cups

29.8.12 - Cuddles

28.8.12 - Face plant

27.8.12 - By the glow of the iPad

26.8.12 -Spring antics


  1. Spring antics is great. What did it look like in colour so you can see the yellow of the daffodils?

    1. Thanks Jodie - that's definitely my fav of the week! I'll post the original on my Facebook page so you can see what it looked like. Oh yeah - they aren't daffodils, it's onion weed. LOL!