Sunday, 18 November 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 46 is complete

Another week of photos ..........
another week closer to the end of the year.
And to be honest, I'm starting to struggle again with ideas and inspiration.
So that means this week's pics are a mish-mash of
hits and misses.

17.11.12 - Instructions

16.11.12 - Christmas work do

15.11.12 - Old school vase

14.11.12 -Shower time

13.11.12 - "Super high" with Poppa

12.11.12 - Horizontal sleeper

11.11.12 - T-i-m-b-e-r!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 45 is complete

Our week.......
It's been pretty average, pretty normal......
Too much work, Brian's football, too much work, 
RSA dinner, too much work, Sarah's football.

On the plus side - tonight is night one of Sarah being in a big girl's bed.
After Sarah's football this morning we went shopping for girly bedding
and this afternoon we hit the shops and bought her a bed.
So far the night is going just like any other night.
But I'm sure the fun times will come.

10.11.12 - Reflecting at Soccer for Tots

 9.11.12 - Veggies for Sarah and I

 8.11.12 - Lolly jar -
It's almost shopping day

7.11.12 - High heel practise

6.11.12 - Football

5.11.12 - Silent baby monitor despite 
the BANG BANGS of Guy Fawkes night -

4.11.12 - Spring garden
(Oh how I love our garden at this time of year!)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 44 is complete

A little less drama and excitement in our household this week.

Drama #1 - Sarah and the dog collided
 and Sarah face planted the deck.
End result - one cut fat lip.

Excitement #1 - It was my birthday on Friday!!
I got well spoilt with presents, phone calls, 
texts and Facebook messages.
I sure did feel the love.

3.11.12 - Cuddles for Grandad

2.11.12 - Happy birthday to me!

1.11.12 - Birthday cake 
(a day early)

31.10.12 - Insect hunt

30.10.12 - The Bunky Chollox return
The 7-aside football season is back

29.10.12 - The short attention span of a 2.5 year old

28.10.12 - Watering the new additions