Saturday, 22 September 2012

Daily photo challenge - Week 38 is complete

Another great week.

1) Our rental property is (almost) sold!
An offer for the asking price came in 
just 6 days after it went on the market!

2) I got to do the nana thing 
and spend an afternoon with our grandson and daughter-in-law.

3) I managed to knock off all 42 things that were on my to do list!!
(Even the jobs I really didn't want to do!!)

4) And to top it off my eyes are feeling great! 
They are looking better and feeling better.


Next week however.......
I have no doubt that reality will come CRASHING back as 
I go back to the usual routine of 
three people getting out the door before 6.50am, 
a full day at work staring at a computer, 
battling rush hour traffic, 
picking up Sarah 
(and stopping for a gossip and a quick drink!)
and heading home to cook dinner and get the evening chores done.
Oh goodie - I can't wait............

 Here are some pics from this week.

22.9.12 - Cat's eyes
Looking from the outside in

21.9.12 - 5 years 
in our little piece of Laingholm paradise

20.9.12 - Smelling the flowers

19.9.12 - Spoon watcher
(my cutie pie grandson Mika)

18.9.12 - Natural spotlight

17.9.12 - Blackout hopeful

16.9.12 - Backyard explorer

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  1. Dog shot is great. Hard to get as the sun was at such a high height.