Friday, 7 September 2012

Daily photo challenge - Week 36 is complete

This week was a mission.
I had a lot on my mind 
and to be quiet honest, 
some days taking a photo 
was the last thing I could be bothered doing.

But in saying that, 
looking back, 
I'm kinda pleased with the pics I captured this week.

This post is one photo short.
I'm heading off for surgery on both my eyes this afternoon
(one of the many things on my mind this week)
and I have no idea at all whether I will be up for taking a photo tomorrow.
I'll just wait and see how I feel.

Here are six days worth of pics from week 36......

7.9.12 - Pre-op self portrait

6.9.12 - Going solo

5.9.12 - My teenage treasures

4.9.12 - Imagination in action

3.9.12 - It's been a very hard day
(No wine was spilt in the taking of this photo!)

2.9.12 - Peek-a-boo
At Kiwi Valley Farm

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