Sunday, 22 April 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 16 is complete - SHAPES

This week's theme was shapes
A tricky one.....
I felt like time was often against me 
and I struggled with theme related ideas.
So this week's pics feel more like 
"a week in the life of us" 
than anything else.
And it was a good, fun and busy week
with a couple of special milestones in the mix.

21.4.12 - Happy 2nd birthday Sarah.

20.4.12 - A classic

19.4.12 - Count the fingers - 
That's how many years Brian and I have been together.
Happy anniversary!

18.4.12 - The shape of good things to come

17.4.12 - The shape of yumminess!

16.4.12 - On a spider hunt in the bathroom

15.4.12 - "Look Mummy, Look!"

1 comment:

  1. love the blackboard shot, happy birthday baby sarah... wow time has flown xxx