Saturday, 14 April 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 15 is complete - HOME

This week's theme was home.

I had lots of ideas for this theme....
some worked, some didn't, some I din't get to try.

It certainly did make me stop and think 
about what "home" is all about, and what it means,
how important it is,
how everyone's home is different and how it feels to be home.

Home..........and a few other things from this week:

14.4.12 - climbing trees at Browns Bay

13.4.12 - home - our piece of Laingholm paradise

12.4.12 - home made

11.4.12 - 12 minutes past home time

10.4.12 - Henry Atkinson keeping watch over Titirangi

9.4.12 - Home is where the heart is
Tim and his 7-week-old son Mika

8.4.12 - A welcome sign that I'm almost home
The famous Titirangi roundabout 
dressed for the Titirangi Festival of Music

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