Saturday, 7 April 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 14 is complete - COLOUR

This week's theme was colour.......
I stuck to theme a couple of times.
But this week I would have been better 
suited to a theme of 
"don't have the time" 
"don't have the motivation".
(read mood and inspiration)

But I made it to the end of the week....

This week's pics........

7.4.12 - checking for crystals at Crystal Mountain

6.4.12 - Milkshake delight


5.4.12 - the colour of Easter


4.4.12 - oh the humanity...
All because I said she couldn't hold the camera.

3.4.12 - "just because" colour - the best kind!
Thanks hun. xo

2.4.12 - the fun of spag bol

1.4.12 - sweet milk

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  1. Love the one from Crystal Mountain. Such a cool place!