Sunday, 1 April 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 13 is complete

This week started with an AWESOME family holiday at Martins Bay.
 We had a blast.
Sarah had a great time- all she talked about was
"beach", "sand" and "playground".
Brian and I felt like "beach" and "playground" experts by the end of it all.

When it came to posting my pics from this holiday
I really did feel like I was spoilt for choice.
I had so much fun taking them
and thanks to the efforts of Brian and I behind the camera
we now have an amazing collection of holiday memories.
(And really - that's what photos are all about right? Memories?)

The rest of my photographic week was spent on three themes: 
time, colour, food.

Be sure to check out our holiday pics here........

31.3.12 - the colourful treasures 
of an almost-two-year-old

30.3.12 - Food at Vinyl Cafe
Team breakfast - a highlight of the working month


29.3.12 - learning colours
(Clearly I was desperate for today's pic)

28.3.12 - Lack of time
It's 10.10pm and I've completed my evening "chores"
and the work I brought home

27.3.12 - the vineyard - 
at Charlie's Gelato Garden, Matakana

26.3.12 - the silver look -
moments before sunrise at Martins Bay

25.3.12 - Sarah escaping "Daddy the seagull"
....oh boy - were we having fun!!

24.3.12 - "There's sand on my face?? Where? "


  1. Great Pics Mel! Looks like you guys had an awesome time away :)

  2. 25th and 26th are my absolute fav's this week - just brilliant. I love the one of Brian chasing Sarah - her look is just pure unadulterated joy! xx