Sunday, 24 June 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 25 is complete

Whew - I made it through the week!
This week felt like a week of snap-shots.
A week of "oh-no - I need a photo".
And on Saturday morning 
I flipped through my pics so far 
and thought "Really? Is that all I've got?".

Thankfully the photographic week ended
with a visit to Tangiwai Reserve
in gorgeous Laingholm/Titirangi.

It was awesone on two fronts:

1) Brian, Sarah, Fletcher (the dog) and I all had so much FUN!
Us humans donned our gumboots 
and all four of us headed 
for the muddiest, wetest 
part of the park we could find!
Sarah (our tomboy of a daughter) had a blast going
"squish squish squish"
and hunting out more mud and puddles.

2) I got to put in to practice a few things Belinda
(click here to see her blog)
taught me a couple of weeks ago 
when she gave me a photography 101 training session.

So here are my pics from Saturday's visit to the park
(plus a few extras because I was so pleased/relieved with the results!)
and the rest of my snap shot/ho-hum week.

23.6.12 - red on red
Click here to see the rest of the pics from Tangiwai Park

22.6.12 - Kebab reflections
(literally a reflection - I'm sitting in the restaurant
with my camera pointing out the window)

21.6.12 - Relaxing

20.6.12 - Not a nice night to be out

19.6.12 - A shower that turned into a bath

18.6.12 - Money money money
- to pay for the new car

17.6.12 - Somebody on the iPad
One of Sarah's favourite songs at the moment
is Kimbra's
Somebody that I used to know.


  1. Love the red on red - about to check out the other photos from yesterday now. I know the feeling on the 'snapshots' - our week was similar this week. I'm telling ya, its this lack of light at the end of the day, very uninspiring! glad you got through it, the days will only get longer here on in xx

    1. Thanks Belinda!! Bring on the longer days - I can't wait.

  2. Wee Doggy Lady that is a fair swag of money you got sitting there. Hope it got you an awe-some automobile! I think my fav of the week is the relaxing pic, because I can relate to exactly HOW good that feels :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah - the car is pretty good.
      To be honest the relaxing felt really good too! It had been a full on week and it was nice to just sit and blob. In hindsight that pic really does reflect how I felt that night!!