Sunday, 17 June 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 24 is complete

Week 24 is done and dusted.
It started with an AWESOME family day at Butterfly Creek
and then we went plane spotting out by the airport.
We had so much fun!!
(check out the pics here)

The rest of my photographic week was spent 
documenting what happened during the week.

Nothing majorly exciting - just a week in the life.

16.6.12 - Corbans

 15.6.12 - Winter's treasure

14.6.12 - "Hello Nana"
Sarah approves of my new phone
(Thanks to Brian for buying it for me!)

 13.6.12 - Winter shadows

12.6.12 - Family favourite
(Spag bol)

11.6.12 - Winter buddies

 10.6.12 - plane spotting


  1. wow I missed this week! Love the winter shadows shot, when we drove from Dee's to your house that day we passed through road that looked similar, I wonder if its the same one? Very cool!

    1. Thanks Belinda - I was fairly pleased with Winter Shadows - it's something I'd had my eye on for awhile.
      It's not the street you were thinking of tho. This street is out in Mt Eden, right by work.
      I'm pretty sure I know the street you are thinking of.....It's a really nice looking street with trees on both sides.