Sunday, 6 May 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 18 is complete

What did I learn this week???

I really should take my camera just about everywhere.
Murphy's Law says the days I didn't take it
there was a great photo opportunity 
that I missed out on.
The days I did take it .....there was nothing much to capture.

I also learnt that equipment does matter.
Oh well....

Here are this week's pics.......

Click here to see a few pics from the month of April that didn't make the cut

5.5.12 - moonlight magic

4.5.12 - sitting still - only for a moment

3.5.12 - reflections

2.5.12 - anyone for a party?

1.5.12 - Mika only has eyes for mummy

30.4.12 - Puppy love

29.4.12 - mid air


  1. Great Pics Mel, the moon photo is fantastic :)

    1. Thanks James. I had fun doing the moon pic - shame it was so damn cold outside tho'.

  2. Love the moon shot Mel - very well done! I also really liked Reflections - I've often looked at buildings in the city as I've driven past and thought I must take a photo! Keep up the hard work, only a few weeks now from being half way xx