Saturday, 19 May 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 20 is complete

Week 20's theme was autumn.

In true autumn style the elements (the two-year-old kind and the weather)
played against me this week.

We went to Cornwall Park and I had visions of 
Sarah playing in the gorgeous leaves.
Instead she wanted to tidy up by picking the leaves up off the path 
and putting them back in the garden.
What kid goes to the park to tidy up?!?!
(Photography 101 - never work with kids)

The weather meant it was too dark by the time we got home in the evening
to play outside (Sarah with her toys and me with the camera).

I had visions of autumn photos I wanted to attempt 
but it just never happened
..........maybe tomorrow - the day after the autumn theme.

Here are this week's pics.

19.5.12 - Lens to lens 
- at Motat

18.5.12 - Multi-tasking
(Eating Daddy's fried rice and stealing a chip 
while he's not watching his plate.
Now that's sneaky.)

17.5.12 - Never far from reach this week
(the joys of the change of season means colds x2)

16.5.12 - autumn rain

15.5.12 - "I'm a big girl"

14.5.12 - Open wide

13.5.12 - Toot toot!
Whizzing by at Cornwall Park on Mother's Day
(Click here to see more pics of our Mother's Day visit
to Cornwall Park)


  1. love the lens to lens shot - gosh how far things have come! i like your brushing teeth shot - great minds think alike. i had no autumn themed pics this week - very hard with this weather!

  2. The lens to lens is awesome! Don't think I would be taking photo's if we had to use camera's like that now (mind you, probably wouldn't be if we still used film)! Open wide is cool, tried to get one of Jeremy like that last week too, but it didn't work at all....