Sunday, 28 October 2012

Daily photo challnge - week 43 is complete

This week has been full on.

After months and months of not being able to
open our laundry doors smoothly,
we finally figured out the cause 
of the cork tiles bubbling and lifting from the floor.
On Sunday Brian lifted the tiles and discovered a rather widespread leak.
 Turns out there was a slow leak coming from the 
tap/hose going to the washing machine.
It could have been leaking since December last year!
A week after the discovery, the damp and musty smell still hits us 
every time we walk in the front door.
But we are slowly getting used to the 24/7 hum 
of the dehumidifier which is constantly sucking water.

Monday was our 7th wedding anniversary and
everyone kindly took the day off to help us celebrate.

Ok - it was Labour Day, but we'll take the day off and claim it as our own!
We decided to make our celebrations a family affair.
The three of us headed out for breakfast
(although Miss 2.5 was in a rather demanding mood 
so it wasn't the relaxing meal we had planned) 
and then we headed off to Hearon Park
(but the weather gods had other ideas so that didn't last long either).
 Brian and I headed out to see Taken 2 (awesome movie) 
and five days later he won tickets to the movie.
(Isn't it ironic - don't you think?!)
We topped the day off with drinks with our mate Callum
and dinner with mum and Steve.
It was a lovely day and a nice way to celebrate
seven AWESOME years with my man.

This week Sarah made a new discovery.........
a water pistol!
It's fair to say there has been lots of 
screaming, laughter and water 
in our backyard the last few days.

Saturday was a FANTASTIC day.
We started the day with Sarah's Soccer for Tots class 
where Sarah was named 
Player of the Day!
I'm sure every kid gets named Player of the Day at some point, 
but it's fair to say that this week
 we're a rather proud mummy and daddy!!
Sarah was so enthusiastic, tried really hard, 
listened well and followed the instructions (most of the time).

That afternoon we pulled out the sunhats and sunscreen 
(what a treat that was) 
and headed to a nearby primary school where all three of us 
went nuts at the playground.
Then we headed down the hill for icecreams on our beach.
Sarah prooved that Rachel Hunter was right about one thing - 
"You can't beat a Trumpet".

27.10.12- Crazy slider

26.10.12 - Escaping the water pistol
(I got lots of great water pistol shots, but this one 
is my fav because of the spray of water
Sarah is running into.)

25.10.12 - Afternoon light

 24.10.12 - Running
(Me playing with shutter speed settings)

23.10.12 - Our laundry :-(

22.10.12 - Anniversary swing

21.10.12 - Thanks for the flowers Tony

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