Sunday, 14 October 2012

Daily Photo Challenge - Week 41 is complete

Another week ticked off the list.....
This week was a bit full on - to say the least.

Our rental property that we were trying to sell 
finally went unconditional on Friday.
That was a huge relief 
considering the stressfull Thursday we had with 
both Brian and I back and forth on the phone to 
the lawyer, real estate agents and the building inspector.
But it all worked out in the end
And this Friday we will be saying "goodbye" 
to the first house Brian and I owned.
It was a gorgeous little house.

On Saturday we took Sarah to her first Soccer For Tots class.
She loved it - and so did we.
It was nice to see her in a group environment - 
something we miss out on seeing during the week.
She was pretty cautious at the start, 
but by the end of it she was following instructions 
and very enthusiastic about taking part 
without one of us beside her.

13.10.12 - Yay!
More Soccer For Tots pics here

12.10.12 - Big Ted 's backyard adventure

11.10.12 - RSA view

10.10.12 - All in the name of progress
(Great North Rd, Waterview)

9.10.12 - Mastering the pedals

8.10.12 - Bubble spray

7.10.12 - Mucking in in the veggie garden


  1. Loving the 'mucking in' shot, very cute :). Glad to hear the house stresses are over!!

    1. Thanks Belinda!! Sarah sure loves her gardening.

  2. Great depth of field in the mucking in shot Mel!