Sunday, 11 March 2012

Daily photo challenge - week ten is complete - KIWIANA

This week's theme was Kiwiana. 
The options were aplenty with this one.
I had a very hectic week, including two days in Wellington, 
but luckily I still managed to find some time to think about my pics.
I have to confess - when it comes to 6.3.12,
I'm torn about which pic to post - 
so I'm cheating and posting two.

A fun filled family day on Saturday was certainly 
a great way to top off a busy week.

Week 10...........what it is to be a Kiwi kid, 
something unique about NZ, 
Kiwi treasures........

4.3.12 - picking apples at Grandad's

5.3.12 - after-work drinks in Titirangi

6.3.12 - entry number 1
My holy grail

6.3.12 - entry number 2 
Work drinks - by candle light

7.3.12 - Kiwiana
A typical day in Wellington

8.3.12 - Brian's treasure
A gift from his son

9.3.12 - Buzzy

10.3.12 - Being a Kiwi kid


  1. Great pics again this week :) Love the buzzy bee pic :)

  2. Buzzy bee and work drinks by candlelight ar emy fav's this week! Great job Hun !