Saturday, 17 March 2012

Daily photo challenge - week 11 is complete - TOYS

This week's theme is TOYS 
and that certainly meant plenty of room to play 
(excuse the pun!).

This week I got to play 
with a few camera settings, 
and discovered a few more things about our tripod.

17.3.12 - "brrrrmmm brrrmmmm"

16.3.12 - Boy's toys

15.3.12 - Bath toys

14.3.12 - Playtime in the grass

13.3.12 - Just some of my toys

12.3.12 - Death of a dog toy

11.3.12 - A little girl's toys
(Sarah really has to work 
on her housekeeping skills!)


  1. Great photo's Mel, think the 17th and 14th are my fav's this week, the action shot on the 17th looks awesome :)

  2. 17th and 14th are my pics this week too chickadee - awesome. I also love 'your toys' on the 13th - really lovely lighting x

  3. Hey Mel - I'm in the same boat as Carrie & James I love the 17th & 14th they're great perspectives/moments captured :)