Sunday, 12 February 2012

Daily photo challenge - week six is complete - HAPPINESS

This week some of us decided to try a theme for our photos.......
We settled on "Happiness" and these photos were taken with that in mind.

11.2.12 - Brian's happiness - my guitar man

10.2.12 - more childhood happiness - learning to blow bubbles

9.2.12 - my Christmas present from Brian still brings me happiness
- this is one awesome ring

8.2.12 - childhood happiness - crazy antics with daddy

7.2.12 - the opposite of happiness - at football

6.2.12 - during a happy trip to Western Springs

5.2.12 - Ahhhhhh - fluffy happiness


  1. awesome mel you managed to follow the theme so well :). Shot of the week for me is the 11th, and a very close 2nd is the 10th, love how you've captured the light behind sarah like that xx

    1. Thanks hun! I had fun taking them too.

  2. Fantastic photos Mel!! LOVE the 11th - such a cool shot xx

  3. Great pics Mel :) have to agree with the others, the 11th is my fav this week :). Love the 7th though, great twist on the theme :)

  4. Awesome pics Mel, looks like you guys had an awesome week :)I really like the picture on the 9th