Sunday, 19 February 2012

Daily photo challenge - week seven is complete - NATURE

This week's theme was nature. 
And to be honest I really struggled - largely because I felt I lacked 
the time and the mood to have fun with the theme.

Most evenings I brought the camera out as an 
after-thought at the end of  a hectic day, 
only to realise the light was quickly fading and I had very few options left.

In the end, I did manage to make it through with 
a nature-themed photo for every day of the week.......

Living in our very own piece of Laingholm 
paradise certainly did help!

18.2.12 - leafy detail

17.2.12 - pretty clouds at dusk after a couple of days 
of water spouts and thunder storms

16.2.12 - fire

15.2.12 - orange delight

14.2.12 - a spider's home

13.2.12 - lunch time for the sparrows at Cafe Louden

12.2.12 - "Nature" by Sarah


  1. Great photo's Mel! Love the 16th, great work on catching the flame :). It was a good theme this week, but I agree that some nights I find it more of a struggle than others to get a photo, especially one that I like.

  2. Hey Mel, even though you struggled it certainly doesn't look that way - these photos are great. I really like leafy detail, and the fire shot - well done xx

  3. Great pics Mel - love the leaf pic - detail is amazing. THis week was crazy for me, so I only have one 'nature' pic, so you have done really well!! Love ya work xx