Saturday, 18 August 2012

Daily photo challenge - Week 33 is complete

This week I went for a black and white theme
for no other reason than "just because".

I went on a photography course today 
with Sam Mothersole Photography
and learnt some new things ....
which rules to break and when,
which rules to always follow.
And I learnt a bit more about all the buttons on our camera.
One of the many things I did take away from it
was the joy of getting a little more creative with composition.
Fun fun!
Click here to see some of my results.
Here are this week's offerings...........

18.8.12 - Today's model

17.8.12 - Daffodil attempt number 2

16.8.12 - Just mucking around

15.8.12 - Mika

14.8.12 - Swing shadow

13.8.12 - Abandoned

12.8.12 - Budget time

1 comment:

  1. Great that you tried something different to help keep things fresh.