Sunday, 22 July 2012

Daily photo challenge - Week 29 is complete

Another week done...
It was a bit of a snap shot week really.
I found there wasn't much time, 
or inspiration, 
to put in a lot of creative effort.

Oh well.....there's always next week.
Actually, next week is shaping up to be pretty hectic too, 
so probably not...but that's ok.

21.7.12 - Sky-high high tea

20.7.12 - Sprung!
Cups and straws for everyone

19.7.12 - Dominion Rd in reverse

18.7.12 - Chocolate face

19.7.12 - Going nowhere on a Thursday afternoon

18.7.12 - Veggie seconds

17.7.12 - A step closer to Raro
Today we picked up our tickets!

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