Sunday, 29 January 2012

Daily photo challenge - week four is complete = mission accomplished!

This week I set myself my own little mission - to post no photos of Sarah. 
Mission accomplished!!

Day 28 - 28.1.12 - The crooked streets of Laingholm

Day 27 - 27.1.12 - My bread and butter

Day 26 - 26.1.12 - Office supplies at the wonderful Tuihana cafe

Day 25 - 5.1.12 - Broken.
RIP my favourite shoes.

Day 24 - 24.1.12 - Skytower colours

Day 23 - 23.1.12 - Fletch's handy work

Day 22 - 22.1.12 - Why would someone dump their rubbish 
in such a beautiful place??


  1. Hey Mel, great pictures! I've been thinking of doing a few themes do you want to join me for this week and do another theme?

    1. Thanks!! Having a theme really helped me think outside the square a little more about what to photograph. What did you have in mind?

  2. man u did well not to include any photos of sarah! shows though that is can be done (I had one friend who was interested in doing the challenge but decided she didn't want to because she didn't have a kid to take photos of! hahaha). great shots this week chick

  3. Great Photos! Having a challenge in mind is an awesome idea :)

  4. Hmmmm - some thoughts from one's we used for wordless sunday last year were motion, black and white, food, shapes, childhood memories, nature, expressions....any thoughts?

    1. I like the idea of food or nature.....
      But tell me - what is "wordless Sunday" all about??

  5. Sorry I didn't check in earlier - let's do food (mostly because it's all I've managed to take pictures of so far this week :P) Wordless Sunday was what initially inspired me to get involved with Belinda in this project. It was a group who used to post each Sunday using the "photo" to speak to the themes we chose. Unfortunately it ended in August last year due to the host having other commitments, so I've been looking for something to get involved in since:

    Check out some of the entries on my blog here, you can also link through to the original site via my McBlovin page -

    Looking forward to seeing your pics SUnday :)

    1. Righty - the photographic week is almost over so it's a bit late to settle on a theme for the week. My pics are a mixed bag this week.
      How about we do nature next week?